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Unfair dismissals, employment tribunal solicitors

Unfair dismissal claims solicitors

Bishopsgate Law employment law solicitors can give advice about unfair dismissal claims and represent claimants at an employment tribunal.

Unfair dismissal law

The law protects UK employees from unfair dismissal.

Employers cannot dismiss any employee who is protected from unfair dismissal unless they have a potentially fair reason for the dismissal and they make a decision which is fair in all the circumstances.

There are some reasons for dismissal that are automatically unfair in all cases however long the employee has worked for their employer. But in most cases an employee must work for an employer for two years before they become protected from unfair dismissal.

Employment tribunal claims

An employee who believes they have been unfairly dismissed may be able to bring a claim before an employment tribunal. If successful, their employer can be ordered to give them their job back or to pay them compensation.


Compensation consists of a basic award, which is related to statutory redundancy payments, plus a compensatory award. The maximum amount for compensatory awards is index linked but in unfair dismissal cases the employee will usually not be able to recover more than one year’s pay.

No win no fee

We can undertake employment tribunal claims on a contingency fee (No win no fee) basis where we assess the chances of success are good enough.

Strict time limits apply to employment tribunal claims, so get legal advice without delay.

Free case assessment by e-mail

If you believe you may have a case to make an employment tribunal claim, we can make an assessment of your case based on the facts and information you send us by e-mail.

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