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Employment law solicitors

Employment law solicitors

Employment law solicitors in central London and Hertfordshire

Bishopsgate Law employment law solicitors are specialists who can give legal advice to employees and employers about workplace and employment law and represent them at employment tribunals. We provide independent legal advice about employment settlement agreements.

Employment law for employees

Our employment lawyers can help employees, including advice about unfair dismissal claims, workplace discrimination claims and other employment tribunal claims.

Employment law help for employees.

Employment law for employers

We can give advice to employers and business owners about workplace and employment law, health and safety law, employment contracts, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary and grievance procedures and other employment law issues.

Employment law help for employers.

Settlement agreements – independent legal advice

If you have been offered a settlement agreement by your employer it is important that you seek independent legal advice before signing it, and also a legal requirement.

Normally your employer will agree to pay for you to receive independent legal advice.

We can advise you about the implications of signing a settlement agreement. Where you have been offered an agreement that we cannot advise that you should sign we will open negotiations on your behalf to seek agreement of suitable terms with your employer.

More information about settlement agreements.

Employment tribunals

Our employment law solicitors have represented many claimants and respondents at employment tribunals.

Our solicitors can undertake employment tribunal claims on a contingency fee (No win no fee) basis where we assess the chances of success are good enough.

Time limits apply to employment tribunal claims, so do not delay getting in touch.

Free case assessment by e-mail

If you believe you may have a case to make an employment tribunal claim, we can make an assessment of your case based on the facts and information you send us by e-mail.

Get a free case assessment by e-mail (employment tribunal claims).

How to contact us

You can see an employment lawyer at our offices in central London or Hertfordshire.

How to contact us by telephone or e-mail, office addresses, and maps.